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Consultancy Services

Value Added IT Solutions

Consultancy Services

Elite is providing a massive range of services that will cover many parts of the security cycle. We cover seven major service lines. Our customers / re-sellers can choose to our services for all phases, from any single phase or bundle services from multiple service lines in order to meet their needs.


Security Assessments

Provide incident response and security assessment services. We have successfully driven threat actors out of the computer networks and endpoints of clients across every major industry. Our consultants are trusted advisers to organizations around the world that want to prepare for and respond to critical security incidents. With a combination of unique skills, experience, threat intelligence, and proprietary technology.
  1. Compromise Assessment

A unique service that allows organizations to evaluate their networks for the presence of advanced attack group activity , helping  organizations identify and address issues that, in some cases, had existed for years and resulted in the theft of valuable intellectual property.


  1. Security Program Assessment

Draws on our collective expertise to deliver tailored, actionable recommendations to customers that improve your security posture, reduce risk and eliminate the consequences of security incidents.

  1. Response Readiness Assessment

Review your SOC and incident response capabilities against leading practices. We will help you determine where your program needs to go and how you can get there. Using a combination of discussions, document review, and a table-top exercise we’ll create a detailed road map and specific recommendations.

  1. Vulnerability Assessment

allow organizations to identify critical security vulnerabilities that attackers could exploit. These services help organizations improve their existing security posture while reducing the risk of a successful attack.

  1. Penetration Testing

helps in understanding a company’s risk or proves vulnerabilities can be exploited and provides a way to test across web, network, client, and wireless end points. As We have automatic penetration testing technology for web, network, client, and wireless threat vector testing.

Intelligence Services

provide customized reporting, delivering unmatched visibility into your specific environment and a wider global perspective and insight.As part of our intelligence services you will receive monthly or quarterly reports about the financial threats active during the reporting period.

  1. Threat Intelligence Reports : For instance, banks and other financial institutions need to be aware of financial cyber threat evolution trends; MSSPs, CERTs and law enforcement agencies need about both general financial threats and targeted threats or APTs.
  2. Botnet Threat Tracking : a solution to track the activity of botnets and provide real-time notifications correlated with specific company and brand names to the affected organizations. Having subscribed to such a service, customers obtain proactive defense against cyber-attacks from botnets.
  1. Threat Data Feeds: protect an organization’s network against huge spreading wave of malware, especially in the organizations which have limited control over their users, such as Telco’s or Internet Service Providers and others? CUSTOMER can block the  malware  at  the  infrastructure  level  by  using  Intelligence  Data  Feeds regardless other security controls used in the organization.

Management Services

Consult a dedicated Security Account Manager – your interface to our expertise. During the working week the account manager will be your key point of contact and their availability will be tailored to your specific organizational needs.

Providing :

  • 8 x 5 support.
  • Human interface to our expertise.
  • Lab Knowledge and experts.