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Value Added IT Solutions

Threat Prevention


Next-Generation Threats: Today’s cyber-attacks have changed radically from just a few years ago. They have replaced the broad, scattershot approach of mass-market malware designed for mischief with advanced tactics, techniques, and procedures. Most of today’s attacks are targeted to get something valuable—sensitive personal information, intellectual property, authentication credentials, insider information—and each attack is often multi-staged with pre-meditated steps to get in, to signal back out of the compromised network, and to get valuables out.


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Financial fraud is a serious risk with damaging consequences if not properly addressed.  Year on year this risk becomes more complex with organized gangs of criminals using increasingly sophisticated techniques to compromise financial transactions and steal money.

Only by deploying a multi-layered protection solution which takes into account intelligence data from multiple links of the online transaction chain, are you able to truly provide an acceptable level of protection.

Kaspersky protect your customers from fraud and banking threats.

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Guidance solutions let you readily establish visibility to all your data, regardless of where and how it’s stored. See what matters on each and every network endpoint and in every data store in your organization, then transform that critical data into intelligence that fuels more effective security, risk and compliance, legal, and internal investigations.

Security teams have been battling to stay ahead of the curve, but without deep and trusted visibility into your endpoints, we’re expending more effort than reward. EnCase Endpoint Security enables you with:

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Network Intelligence


Procera’s solutions provide operators with the tools they need to gain unparalleled insights into their network traffic and take action to differentiate their service offerings and compete in the innovative telecom industry

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Business Agility


AlgoSec is the market leader for security policy management, enabling organizations to simplify and automate security operations in evolving data centers and networks. More than 1,000 of the world’s leading organizations, including 15 of the Fortune 50, rely on AlgoSec for faster security provisioning of business applications, streamlined change management, continuous compliance and tighter security

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The Authlogics product suite consists of PINgrid, PINphrase and PINpass which deliver strong and affordable two-factor, one-and-a-half factor, soft-token and token-less, one time code, authentication capabilities for heightened security. They provide the IT department with ease of administration without the associated costs of purchasing and managing a traditional hard-token based system.

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Solared Cyber Security is the software vendor in the field of information security and managed security service provider offering cutting-edge solutions to help companies fight against internal (like corporate fraud and collusion) and external threats.

We, at Solared Cyber Security, deeply understand how fast the new security challenges of ever changing IT landscape are evolving. The best way to fight emerging threats is to provide continuous active monitoring and real-real vulnerability management.

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Security Services


An innovative IT consulting company with 20 years of experience in IT and communications technology. Our consultants enable businesses and organisations to benefit from the opportunities of the connected world, to enhance their competitiveness or to achieve efficiency gains.

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HTTPCS is an offensive CyberSecurity solution that pro-actively assures the integrity, security and compliance of your web application.

Detect and correct every day all types of security flaws owing to automated black box and grey box audits, vulnerability assessment and threats management features.

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