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Detects and prevent Online fraud for Online banking, Mobile banking, Mobile apps, Online web financial systems.

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention not only protects online and mobile banking transactions, it also reassures your customers that your bank is committed to providing the most secure banking services, helps you:

  • Prevent costly security incidents – to save you money.
  • Support key compliance and regulatory objectives.
  • Boost customer satisfaction & loyalty – to retain customers.
  • Preserve your bank’s business reputation.

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention delivers rigorous, multi-layered security for online and mobile banking. Its unique combination of security technologies and security services provides four layers of security:

  • Protection at your customer’s endpoint.
  • Anti-fraud protection within your bank’s infrastructure perimeter.
  • Analysis and reporting on transactions and threats.
  • Special services to help you constantly improve your security.
  • Online and mobile transactions benefit from automatic anti-fraud technologies without any negative impact on customer experience.

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention Endpoints helps to detect and prevent fraud and protect both the consumers and the banks by isolating and securing the banking experience of the consumer “including the environment, the connection and the web platform” through the following three components:

  • Securing banking experience on consumers’ machines “support Windows/MAC”.
  • Securing mobile browsing banking experience “supports Android and iOS”.
  • Security Mobile Apps that used in mobile banking or performing financial transactions through 12 security components that can be integrated smoothly in the mobile apps “KFP SDK”.